Dear Co-Workers, 

The past 5 years were a wonderful experience for us, cultivating a community and creating a place for entrepreneurs, techies and business people to work, mingle and thrive. In fact, the space proved so popular with a certain company that it has now been leased in full to them for the foreseeable future. Whilst we are delighted that the space will continue to be a home to movers&shakers, it does mean we are no longer offering flexible office space or hot-desking at this location! However, this is not goodbye - it’s a see you later, with our team exploring alternative opportunities to bring our co-working mission to a new venue. We will keep you updated of our journey, and meanwhile would like to thank you for trusting in us all these years - it’s been a pleasure to share this adventure with you all. 

We look forward to re-connecting in the future! 

From all the team at The Worklab x