Welcome to WorkLab Gibraltar. In this new section, we introduce (staff) members of our lively community. We kick off this brand new column with one of our very own Directors here at The WorkLab…Anna!

Let’s start with the easiest question first – what do you do?

I’m one of the Directors here at The WorkLab, my specialty is marketing and making sure that word gets out about what a wonderful facility we have here. I spend a lot of time trying to piece together campaigns that I think will be effective and that target the right people to foster the right kind of community. We’re a facility that is warm, welcoming and inclusive – our mission is to make coming to work fun and productive, and we want our online presence and brand to come off that way also. 

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

That’s always changing. There are a million and one ways you can build a campaign, there’s always a new audience you can try and target or a new way to deliver the message. It’s also a creative job, which is important to me. Sometimes I’ll be able to set aside some time, and instead of contracting someone to create a brochure or a site or a leaflet I’ll plug in my headphones and spend the day doing it myself. It’s super therapeutic and reminds me just how great it is to get back to the basics.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever encountered at work (and how did you fix it)? 

We had a HUGE launch party once and the venue was still under construction the morning of the event. It was madness – we had the cleaners and the windows cleaners and the caterers and the musicians all spinning around one another trying to get the place tidy and set up on time. But we pulled it off! You’d be surprised what you can achieve with a good team who are willing to pull up their sleeves and work together. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at The WorkLab? 

Personally I’m obsessed with the kitchen. I love the industrial vibes and I think it’s just the perfect little breakout area from a hard day’s work – I even love holding meetings there when the lunch rush is over if I want something a little more informal than the meeting rooms. 

You’ve just won £10 million in the lottery – what would you do with the money? 😉 

I would split it – £5 million would go towards investing in creating more WorkLab around the world and building up the brand – the remaining £5 would be my treat, and I’d buy myself a superyacht and just cruise around with champagne during the summer months!!!