For £300 per month, you can get settled in Gibraltar’s number 1 coworking space, using your desk as your business address, meeting room access and use of all their facilities. It is a large, bright open space to create a lovely working environment, perfect for a calm setting to let the ideas flow.

The Work Lab in Gibraltar was featured in “The 100 Best Coworking Spaces In Europe” put together by the team at Ridestore Magazine. The crew at Ridestore consists of around 200 remote workers spread out across Europe and the rest of the world. If they don’t know what a good coworking space needs to offer, who does? 

This is only one of many reasons why the team behind Ridestore Magazine thought it was about time to reward the most exciting and dynamic coworking concepts in the biggest cities of Europe and share them with their colleagues and fellow coworkers. 

The article “The Best Coworking Spaces In Europe” showcases coworking concepts in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central Europe, that offer everything a coworker could ask for: Top-notch service, unlimited coffees and some private space for your next Zoom meeting. This article doesn’t only come with a list of the best 100 coworking spaces in Europe, it also delivers interesting facts around the development of coworking in different countries around the continent. 

Think it’s the wrong time to write about coworking spaces? No! As we will be heading out of the crisis and into a new digital age, coworking is predicted to grow and gain popularity in all economic sectors. Not only amongst freelancers, but also amongst employees who will now be more and more flexible in their choice of working location. 

Getting bored of working from home already? Click here to read more about the entry of The Work Lab in Gibraltar

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Dear Co-Workers, 

The past 5 years were a wonderful experience for us, cultivating a community and creating a place for entrepreneurs, techies and business people to work, mingle and thrive. In fact, the space proved so popular with a certain company that it has now been leased in full to them for the foreseeable future. Whilst we are delighted that the space will continue to be a home to movers&shakers, it does mean we are no longer offering flexible office space or hot-desking at this location! However, this is not goodbye - it’s a see you later, with our team exploring alternative opportunities to bring our co-working mission to a new venue. We will keep you updated of our journey, and meanwhile would like to thank you for trusting in us all these years - it’s been a pleasure to share this adventure with you all. 

We look forward to re-connecting in the future! 

From all the team at The Worklab x