The WorkLab. No longer just a co-working space. Rather, now we are an award winning co-working space. But what does that really mean?

“Having spent some time using co-working spaces in London, I was really impressed by how the WorkLab stacks up. The space is open and well lit, the internet connection is great, they have all the amenities you need and the team is very helpful and friendly”

Rickin Patel- Sales Consultant for a software startup

You see award-winning things all the time. Award winning restaurants, award winning stores, award winning designs. Sometimes it seems that awards are dropping out of the sky – one of my favourite café’s has an award winning burger on the menu. Neither the owner or the waiters can recall where the award came from, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the burger is indeed delicious. Which leads me to conclude that it’s not really the award that counts, but rather the level of quality that it symbolises.

“Working at the Work Lab Gibraltar is just AWESOME! Great environment, clean, bright, spacious, fun and much more.”

Walacy J. Ferreira, The Infinity Fitness & Spa Group

Sometimes things are done right, and sometimes things are taken that extra mile. And since our opening just 9 short months ago, we at The WorkLab have been wildly preoccupied with making sure that every clients experience is just that – unique and special. Our mission was to create a space that would not only look great but would simplify the life of every entrepreneur who walked through the door. On the one hand, we believed this was a matter of providing the right facilities and services – everything from free coffee to video conferencing to administrative support with the set-up of your company. Our main goal, however, was to create a community of entrepreneurs in Gibraltar, encouraging the sharing of skills, experiences and networks. Because at the end of the day, business isn’t easy – and to have others that can share the journey with you is an advantage that can’t be valued highly enough.

“WorkLab provides the best environment I have ever worked at.”

Balázs Garda, Mansion Gibraltar

And reading your feedback, your support and positivity regarding the space and the efforts made by our staff everyday is incredibly moving, and makes me believe we’re on the path to success in our mission. We are immensely privileged to have been voted Gibraltar’s Best Co-Working Space in the CoWorker Members Choice Awards for 2019. Even more so though, we are delighted that you enjoy the space and facilities as much as you do, and that hopefully, in our own little way, we are able to contribute to your business growth, development, and enjoyment.

“The WorkLab is a great working environment. It is modern, well equipped and maintained

… it boost my work productivity significantly”

Ofir Leitner, Mobile Summits

So, moving forward we are more motivated than ever before. To continuing improving our services and facilities. To establishing a business community of likeminded entrepreneurs. And most importantly, to watching and assisting with the journey of every client coming in through the door, as they weave they realise their ambitions and create their own success stories.